Eurocolor Spa, which was founded in 1969, produces organics substances for dyeing natural, artificial, synthetic fibres for skins, paper and wood.
The growth achieved in terms of both quality and quantity over the last thirty years result of a policy of costant investment to enable the company’s technical and production resources to be steadily expanded.

The construction of a new, completely automated standardisation and packaging department, and the purchase of a large plant adjacent to it, means that Eurocolor now has a production area of 9,500 mq extending over a surface area of 24,000 mq.
The quality of the working environment and scrupolous attention to the anti-pollution measures required by its industrial process demonstrate the commitment and professionalism on which all Eurocolor’s industrial activities are based.
Our Quality Control and Development Laboratory adopts the most sophisticated dyeing and analysis equipment and tanks to expert staff who are continuously developing new products  the company can satisfy a market that requires colorants with hight performance and reliability.

Eurocolor is also well-know for the flexibility of its production and marketing system; it can thus provide efficient customer service throught experienced dealer and, thanks to its well-stocked warehouse and programmed approach to production, can rapidity satisfy a wide range of demands.
By basing its success on product and service quality and on its ability to accept challenges in patnership with its customers, Eurocolor has acquired a solid reputation as a supplier capable of a satisfying the most demanding requirement.

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